"...really extraordinary work..great CDs like this should really sell millions and become trend setters. The music world needs more artists like you!"
- Grammy winner Randy Brecker

-Grammy winner Randy Brecker Laurence’s playing and compositions are excellent - his understanding and passion for the music shine through...This record is a hit waiting to happen, and should be on the radio and in every record collection."
- Grammy winner Al DiMeola

“From Donald Fagen (Steely Dan) to Bruce Hornsby and Sting… Joni Mitchell to Norah Jones, there was that special something that each had; an education, an appreciation and a constant striving for the nuances that made them artists and not just musicians, connecting with listeners in an indescribable way. Add Laurence Elder to that list."
- Michael Fagien, owner/publisher -JAZZIZ MAGAZINE

"Sixty seconds into his debut album is enough time to understand why jazz fans revere him." (click here to read article)

**** FOUR STARS****
- MODERN DRUMMER - September 2005 Issue

"His voice, deep as tarnished silver, seeps right into the soul."
-ADLIB Magazine, JAPAN

"Someone who can provide such thrilling reflections on the way of life and cover Elton John's 'Rocket Man' so splendidly for the last track is on his way to the very top."
-NZ Journal, GERMANY

“With the integration of voice, words and possibly the hippest harmony to be featured in a so-called "commercial" album in a long time (reminding me of what I used to LOVE about pop music), Laurence Elder emerges as a force, not just a piano player."
- Grammy nominated Kenny Werner

"Surrounded" is an unexpectedly polished pop piano album with vivid lyrics that has drawn comparisons to early Elton John."
- Brett O'Bourke, THE MIAMI HERALD (click here to read article)

"Laurence Elder is a new voice in music that commands a first and second hearing; after which, you'll be coming back for more. I really like his album, and am pleased to have played on it as well."
- Grammy winner Peter Erskine

"Yeah, it's been a while since I have been so impressed by a contemporary release, especially by someone I haven't heard before. On this album I found all that has been missing in music these days. Great sound and melodies plus excellent musicianship. Whenever I listen to this CD, I'm always happy, even when listening to the sad ballads. It's the great music that makes me happy. I say this CD is a must for X-mas. You should get it for all your friends so they can experience the joy of listening to Laurence's music. Thank you Laurence. It is through people such as yourself that I get my everyday energy and spirit for life. God bless!
- Maciek Pysz, listener review; CDBABY.COM/Laurenceelder

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